Your Mental Gym: the workout for the mind

Your Mental Gym: the workout for the mind

Filipa Zarro | 26 Mar 2021

Your Mental Gym (YMG) started in the begining of the second semester of 2020 and with the purpose to respond the ascending need of personal development. At My Favourite Experience, personal development is the key for its evolution. If people go to the gym to keep their bodies healthy, why not doing the same with the most important muscle we have in our bodies: our brain?

My Favorite Experience's focus was always the development of its best version and soon realised that it's when we feel psychologically stronger that we are more capable to face any challenge. For that reason, MFE always had the will to share the best of personal development with the world. And during this never ending search for the best content and motivational speakers, Dr. Bruno Mendo arose as part of the company history. After making some interventions at some company events, like the Power Life Training congress in October 2020, emerged from this partnership a very needed work tool that would make a change in all the community, within and surrounding the company, making them more capable on a daily basis: Your Mental Gym.

This mental gym, as the name states, it's a place where everyone has the possibility to exercise their minds in a consistent and supervised way. International Coach Bruno Mendo takes the role of trainer in this gym and, every week, shares content divided by subjects, within 3 blocks of classes: weekly, masterclasses and meditations. The idea for starting this gym is based on compiling the best of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Coaching, to equip students of all the tools required, so they can develop skills that will allow them to improve their communication, their relationships, how to cope with their emotions and much more.

In the beggining of February, YMG Workouts were launched. These are 30 to 45 minutes sessions, where you can practice and have the opportunity to develop key areas of your life to become your best version.

These workouts for the mind are completly free of charge and everyone willing to improve on a personal level can participate.

To have access to these quick workouts, all you need is to create a free account at YMG website through a link that you can receive from one of our affiliates and, 30 minutes before, you will receive an email with the access link to the session. These workouts happen every other week, on Saturdays at 11:30 am.

The covered topics are:

WHERE I AM - Becoming aware of your current situation

WHERE I'M GOING - Setting goals

WHAT'S STOPPING ME TO GET THERE - Self-limiting beliefs

HOW TO GET THERE - Network of influence

We count on your enrollment on Your Mental Gym.