Travel Incentive Program - iCliGo Trips

Travel Incentive Program - iCliGo Trips

Laura Marques | 29 Mar 2021

On January 9th, MFE launched an incentive program called "Incentive Trips 2021". From now on, MFE will offer trips to the entrepreneurs that reach the necessary travel points to win the prize.

The company's goal is to create four annual trips, in the years to come, one per quarter. These will have as destination the Caribbean islands and European capitals, also unforgettable cruises, snow trips and long trips to Asia and paradisiacal beaches. The destinations will vary a lot, from trips to the Caribbean islands or European capitals, unforgettable cruises, snow trips or even long trips to Asia and its’ paradisíacas beaches?

The first qualification is on until April 30th 2021 for the first incentive trip that will happen from June 9th to June 13th at Iberostar Isla Canela Hotel in an All Inclusive regime.

Ways you can collect travel points:

  • Commercialized licenses in My Favourite Experience;
  • iCliGo bookings;
  • Silver and Gold subscriptions in YMG;
  • And soon, for all the orders in iGoMarkt.

These points can be converted in incentive trips or, you can use them to buy products in one of the three platforms: iCliGo, iGoMarkt and iGoAcademy.

Prepare for the most amazing trips in the planet... iCliGo Trips!

Imagine a group where everyone has the same vision, together for five days in a resort with an all inclusive regime.