iGo Project: Charity initiative brings water to people in Ethiopia

iGo Project: Charity initiative brings water to people in Ethiopia

Laura Marques | 26 Mar 2021

In 2019, as the year before, My Favourite Experience and its entrepreneurs, gathered a total of 2323$ in donations, that arrived to Ethiopia and contributed so that 77 people had access to drinking water.

‌One of the core values that My Favourite Experience as always ruled itself with was charity. Since the first moment, the company had this vision of making something for the greater good and leave a mark in the world of those who don't have the same opportunities and resources. This is how and why iGo Project was created, and so, in 2019 gathered 2323$ that were given to Charity Water, a non-profit and non-governmental organization that builds hydric systems in third world countries. This donation was given to a community, in Ethiopia, where the 77 people who are part of it did not have access to drinking water, which makes a negative impact on their survival.

‌IGo Project had its first charity initiative back in 2015, by gathering goods, toys and donations that were delivered to Casa do Caminho, Tenda do Encontro and Berço.

In the following year, this initiative continued for Tenda do Encontro.

In 2017, we donated 2000€ to Make-a-Wish Foundation that makes dreams come true to kids that have terminal deceases and even collected two tons of plastic caps and, the money made with these, was given to “Vamos ajudar o Duarte”.

In the two years that followed, we raised, for Charity Water 1686$ that went to Sierra Leone and 2323$ for Ethiopia.

In 2020, IGo Project was aware of the local and current needs, where many deceases seem to have been forgotten due to COVID-19, but kept spreading in silence. Having that in mind, a donation of 4260€ was placed to Liga Portuguesa contra o Cancro, an entity of national reference in supporting oncology patients and their families, promoting health, preventing cancer and encouraging training and investigation in oncology.

‌This solidarity mission is a prerogative of this company. Every year, around Christmas time, we arrange a gala with the purpose of collecting money and goods to several causes, not just local, but also with an international impact.