Powerful congresses generate powerful businesses

Powerful congresses generate powerful businesses

Filipa Zarro | 28 Mar 2021

People who participate on a Power Life Training (PLT) congress can never forget about it again! They no longer are the same person... and neither are their businesses!

Congresses have the power to change everything. For the story sharing, for all the valuable content and the experiences lived in first person. The "insignificant" chats by the pool side become very powerful, days after, and makes us look to the other participants with admiration. You can tell that they had the same fears, hesitations as so many other things... but they came around, they saw the potential of the businesses they have in hands and overcame all the difficulties. They are people of reference and make us dream, roll up our sleeves and want to be like them.

Life changing stories
We all grow up hearing stories. Since we were babies, our parents tell us stories with more or less "fantasy" and we were always influenced by them. Who does not remember those stories told by the fireplace, on cold nights, by the voices of the elderly? Those evenings of sharing in family? And like those stayed in our memories, so do the ones we hear at a PLT Congress. They stay with us and influence our future.

The testemonials we hear in these events allow us not only to know the other but also to understand what he has been through and how they have worked it around... that had the same fears and overcame them... that also thought they weren't cut out for this but turned out they did.

The emotional sharing of someone like Roger Vilar or the successful story of Jorge Carvalho, first VIP affiliate of MFE, do wonders for those who are listening. We get the chills and cry with them, vibrate with their conquers and also want to get up to the stage... yes, because it's at everybody's reach. We just have to want it.

At My Favourite Experience, we all have the same tools. The training sessions of personal development are also part of the PLT congress, to help us awake the giant that exists inside each and every one of us.

Colossal impact
There are also other experiences that we can live on a PLT congress. Not only it allows us to meet people we are used to see through the computer, face to face, and bond with them, we also get the opportunity to learn from the best affiliates, the ones that are thriving in the company and they are an inspiration to everyone.

Truly understanding the business potencial of Network Marketing is the theme for one of the speeches programmed. It's ministered in a passionate way by the company's CEO, Daniel Tavares, sharing the vision that the company he founded back in 2015 "is going to be the best Network Marketing company in the world" very soon.

In those 3 days, we can make time to meditate, enjoy the hotel accommodations, mingle, share, find the best spots to take great pictures for social media, increase our social network, talk to the speakers, etc.

We leave the event on a high state of motivation, ready to put to practice all that we have learned and assured that we are on the right track to make our dreams come true.

The online strand
After 18 in person editions, that took place in cities like Póvoa de Varzim, Viana do Castelo, Mortágua and Caminha, the PLT congresses also adapted to the new reality we were forced to live by and the last edition, in late January, was entirely streamed online.

Even though many affiliates had the idea that the true spirit of the congress would be lost, the event surpassed the expectations and was an inspirational and motivational boost for 3 more months of hard work. To revive the good energy that's felt at the events, the company arranged an online cocktail with the affiliates enrolled.

The members that participate in one of these events will never miss the next one! If you have already been to one of these, you know what I am talking about. If you have never been to one, it's time to invest in yourself and your business.